Who we are . . .

Rocksalt's Heritage

Our business was seeded on Sydney's Northern Beaches. Dunc started as a DJ when he was 13yrs with his friend Wazza, he was a tall, lanky kid who looked older than his years, he ran many under-age dance nights on the beaches, reckons he's paid for every window in Mona Vale Memorial Hall to be replaced, several times over, back in the day!

Then the biz grew into providing audio production for live music, he recorded the Farris brother's first demo tape before they went on to form INXS.

In the 80's and 90's the Northern Beaches was heaving with talent and live music venues, those years were pretty hectic with a lot of local and touring work.

Dunc was lucky enough to have worked with the 'whose who' of Australian rock music.

He then formed a partnership with a local lighting guy and worked solidly for 20 years until he outgrew this partnership and went on to rename and rebrand his new company Rocksalt Sound in 2016.

Dunc has a passion with designing and building speakers and some of them still come out to play twenty years on and still sound amazing for their years and technology.

He was commissioned by Moon Mother Productions to design the Ripcurl Pro surfer's speakers used at the annual Ripcurl Pro Bells Beach surf comp, the surfers can now hear the judges when they are sitting beyond the break.

The story continues ............

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