May 2016

Duncan Richie has been my production supplier & audio engineer of choice for

many years now. He has a depth of experience touring Australia nationally
that's hard to find these days. He understands the environment we work in,
delivers consistently on time & on budget, plus he is very enjoyable to work
with. His knowledge is an asset to us, he's reliable and simply he just gets
things done. His pricing is realistic, his equipment works & sounds great,
what more could a performing artist / band want. I recommend him to anyone
for jobs big or small. My best wishes for the success of his new company
Rock Salt Sound.

All the very best, Paul Christie.

Mondo Rock
The Big Daddys
Steve Hart's Allstars

May 2016

Numerous times over the past thirty years I have seen Duncan operating at various gigs and have also had him do production for my band, "Swinging Sixties". Each and every time Duncan is extremely professional in his approach and always ensures that the band sounds the best that he can make them sound. He is very passionate about audio. Over the years my business, Cannon Sound has supplied him with various pieces of equipment and I can tell you that he is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable guys in our industry.

Daniel Trevor
Cannon Sound and Light
The Swinging Sixties

May 2106

Awesome, sounds good - Ocean Alley (via Facebook)

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