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Production specs current as at July 2019

A LA10 Noise Condition has been imposed on our venue, while the RSL works through solutions to further soundproof the club we have to strictly adhere to the following conditions imposed on the RSL?s liquor licence:

  1. There is a maximum of 92db allowed at FOH.
  2. We are only allowed 5db above the ambient sound at the rear of the venue, which has reduced the level we can emit from the rear boundary to as low as 40db.

The complainant's home is directly behind the back wall of the RSL, adjacent to the stage which is now situated at the far end of the room, we have been able to achieve the 92db at FOH and 5db above ambient sound at the back boundary by reducing the PA from a triple to a double. Turning down amps and monitors on stage, taking the kick and snare out of the front monitors. Having the vocals prominent at FOH and just filling in the gaps with guitar, bass etc. A staff member will be monitoring levels through out the night.

The following production rider is a list of options as all acts have variables, the stage is in a multi purpose space so the rig is packed down and set up for every show and stored on stage it is essentially an analogue system with digital board options:


4 x double 18" wave guide subs
4 x HDL20A line array modules RCF active 2 way 2 x 10" line array

6 x AM 2200 tri amps
DBX drive rack frequency splitting and time alignment


6 x 15"+ 2" active wedges and dual 15" + 2" drum fill


6 x QSCK10"s with a 4x10"+2" compact drum fill


Soundcraft K3 Board 31Mic, 12 Line inputs 8 sends, 8 subs, 8 matrix out
DBX 1/3 Octave EQ's - 3 off
6 Comp inserts, 10 comp-gate insert, all dbx


Allen & Heath SQ-7 48 Channel / 36 Bus Digital Mixer or

Behringer X32 side of stage or FOH, with I pad Remote
30 mic channels with F/B splits on the multi core for any of the above

Mic's (all cleaned regularly )
Shure beta 58's Shure 58's and 57's
Bayer M88's
Sennheiser 601's, 604's, 609's
SE 1 condensers
with stands and clamps to suit your needs


1 x LSC Mantra Lighting Console
1 x Unique 2.1 Hazer


Due to the low roof height, high back lighting is not optimal, rear ground specials with a haze seems a good look, although backline can rule this out.


4 x ProShop Variwhite LED fixtures – Front lighting

8 x Event Lighting 5x12w Hex LED fixtures – Rear lighting

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